The All-In-One Food Container For Your Customized Diet


Meal prep with Bebox

Be what you eat with Bebox because your diet is 80% of your health. You are what you eat, so we provide what you need to be strong and healthy. Learn to mealprep with us through our recipes, mealprep help guides, workshops, and more! We even have our own mealprep container that is stackable, collapsible, adjustable, AND measureable!

Meal prep

Be what you eat with Bebox because your diet is 80% of your health. Mealprepping is when you prep meals for the week or just a few days ahead to save you money, time and from making bad eating choices. Don’t know what to prep? Don’t know how to prep? Bebox is your one stop shop for everything mealprep.

How it works


Save time! Tired of prepping food to fit your Tupperware? Bebox is adjustable to fit your meal! Movable dividers allow meal preppers to customize portions. Our dividers screw in and locks into place.


Save more time! Are you annoyed with placing all your food on the scale before putting it in your container? Bebox has measurable lines at the bottom that fills up to a total of 4 cups. Use the dividers to measure and separate your food.


Save space! Tired of carrying dirty containers that take up room in your gym bag or purse? Bebox collapses down to half its original size!


Save money and de-clutter! Tired of losing lids, and looking for the right size in a messy cabinet? Bebox is stackable so one lid seals multiple meals. Screw to connect, one size fits all.


Bebox Tote bag

Comfortably carry around your groceries, meals, and anything else you need in our Bebox tote bag.


Bebox Set

Mealprep for your whole day with a set of 3 Bebox’s!

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Bebox is an all in one container to customize portion control.