Inventory Update

Time flies! At the beginning of 2017 we were able to confirm all changes/ issues for the mold. Since then, we’ve been negotiating and locking down the logistics for inventory and shipment. We know it’s been a while, but due to the several team members involved and the time difference… each question/ email has taken […]

China Trip for Bebox Samples!

Sept 18th 2016- Shanghai, China Patience, patience, and more patience….  for me and for you :p Today is October 5th 2016, 4 days since I\’ve been back in Los Angeles from my Asia trip and still adjusting to jetlag. Going to China to see the product I visioned and could only explain to people with […]

If only… money grew on trees.

Wouldn’t it be nice if money grew on trees? Well entrepreneurs go through hell and back to plant their own tree that grows money. As promised, I have found the seed to grow my tree. Bebox has found the funds. It is currently being processed and once I have the funds in the account I […]

Bebox is now getting molded!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! For those who have not been following our updates after the campaign, quick recap: December 2015- Bebox Campaign Ended January 2016- Investor fell through, Jenna goes searches for investment and makes a promise April 2016- Jenna found the remaining funds to get into operations July 2016- Molding contract SIGNED and ready to go! Although […]

Bebox Be Done? No.

It’s been just about a month since the campaign and holidays ended, and things went according to plan until 2 weeks ago. I am unable to explain the full story to you due to confidentiality… so long story short; the other half of the funds with my investor did not fall through. It was a SUPER […]

A BIG THANK you to our supporters

As promised, here is the list of HUGE thank you’s to our supporters on our Indiegogo campaign. $1, $2, $100, $1000, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTED! With a total of over 260 backers, we are truly grateful to have each of you support. We had around 2.1k shares on Facebook 😀 Here’s to everyone who has contributed […]

Our Campaign Ended And….

50% Funded, so what now? We still go into production How? We have an investor that was interested in our product and funding the rest to get Bebox in production! We thank EVERYONE for their support (over 260 backers) to make Bebox a reality. Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated or check […]