The Meal Prep Container that
Customizes to Your Needs

Why Bebox?

Have you ever dug into the deep hole that is your Tupperware cabinet only to come up empty handed when searching for the right lid?

Are you that person walking around with a computer bag, gym bag, personal bag, AND a bag full of your meals and snacks for the day?

Or maybe you have no idea what we’re talking about and you want an easy solution to help you stay on track with your nutritional goals, save time in the kitchen, and save money on eating out.

No matter what your level of familiarity is with meal prepping,
Bebox is here to help.

The Bebox meal prep container is stackable, collapsible, adjustable, measurable, and clips onto your bag for easy carrying.

Bebox is


    Just 1 lid for 3 containers! Simply screw the bottom of one container onto the top of another, repeat for one more container, and add a lid to the top. That’s a whole day’s worth of meals in one container!


    Bebox collapses down to half its size for easy transporting when not in use.


    Make your meal prep container work for you! Adjust the dividers to portion out your meals. Want mostly meat in one meal and mostly veggies in the next? Bebox lets you choose how to divide your container. Or remove the divider entirely for a meal that doesn’t require foods to be separated from each other.


    No food scale required when using Bebox. The whole container is 4 cups in volume, which can help you measure your portions if you’re counting macros, calories, points, or anything else.

  • Portable

    Clips onto your bag via the top handle. One less bag
    you have to carry!