A BIG THANK you to our supporters

As promised, here is the list of HUGE thank you’s to our supporters on our Indiegogo campaign. $1, $2, $100, $1000, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTED! With a total of over 260 backers, we are truly grateful to have each of you support. We had around 2.1k shares on Facebook 😀

Here’s to everyone who has contributed in no particular order.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU again for your support.

Abel J Lucas
Abhishek S Sambari
Abigail Doornberg
Aileen Ong
Aladin Ben
Aleksandra Stojkovic
Alexandra Kromer
Allan Yu
Alta Lainez
Amelie Viot
Amy Currier
Ana Gierman
anastasia burgess
Andrew Gerold N Conrad
andrew r maccready
Andy Cho
Anetta Mihalec-White
Angela Vogeli
Ani Dingamtar
Annica Russo
Apryl DeLancey
Ashley Reed
austyn baldwin
Bellecia B Seguin
Belu Ana Perez
Ben Gardecki
Bernardo salcedo
Bitung Wang
Blare Conlin
Bruno aschidamini
Calvin Siebert
Camila Miry Yoshii
Carlo Cherisier
Catherine Cortez
Chansouda Kawaguchi
Chase Choy
Christina Knoppel-Calas
Christine D Smith
Clayton Schloss
Colin Egbert
Coriedus Brown
Courteney winter
craige harvey
Crystal Genavia
Cynthia Roberts
Dai Manuel
Dallan Wright
Damian Rubalcava
Dan Cayer
Dana L Shires
Daniel Dos Santos
Daniel R Wilkinson
Daniela Garcia
Danielle Argyros
David C Nickerson
David Neill
Dawn Coraci
Dennis Danelia
Derek Doepker
Dustin Que
E.A.M. Berben
Edgar Aaron Guerra
Edmund Fisher
Elizabeth Galbut
Elizabeth Nordenholt
Elodie Couturier Goasmat
Emil Louis Vanta
Emily Blake
Emily Ho
Emily Holm
Eren F DuPee
Erick Castillo
Erick Magaña
Erik Godtti Partybus
Erika Mendoza
Eunju baek
Fiqrete Gashi
Grace Verhaest
Gail Bishop
Giles Steinberg
Giselle Bell
Gretchen DeYoung
Hailey Clayton
Hanmok Cho
Hannah A Kim
Harry M Poulos
Heidi Jones
Herson Guerrero
Hyunjo Park
Ilana l Frand
Isabelle Sumera
Ismael H Nawfal
Jade b Fernandez
James A Brenton
James D Hardy
Jamie R Silvers
Jamin Baik
Jane Alday
Janet Purvis
Jaymyn La Vallee
Jenna E Smith
Jennifer Levy
Jessica Linda
Jia Yung Tan
Jieun Jeong
Jinger Liner
Jong yul baik
Jordan M Bowditch
Jorge Cantero
Jose Escobar
Joseph Bernstein
Joshua R Codd
Julia Evans
Juliana Chan
Julio Aguirre
Justen McKay
Katrina Espiritu
Keri Hewitt
Kimberly H Huhndorf
Kristin C. Gierman
Kristy Donaldson
Laura Guerrero
Lawrence A Cisneros
Leah Marsh
Leah Myerson
Lila Beijer
Lindsay Geiger
Lisa May Huby
Liz Beltran
Lizzie Maher
Logan Labrune
Lori o’Connell
M. Stadlander
Maddie Grose
Madelaine Desaulniers
Marc C Singleton
Marc Pierre
Marceel E. Marchena
Marco A. Cortes
Marco P Aguilar Leyva
Marvin Nishihara
Maurice baart
Meek Campbell
Melinda G Jackson
Michael C Davis
Michaela H McPherson
Michelle Tracy Anderson
Mohamad Jaafar
Mr Brandon D Schultz
Mr Jesus D Gomez
Mrs Justine A Hawke
Nancy Calderon
Nicholas Schmidt
Nicole R Silveira
Niki Richardson
Oleh Prodan
Omar Addam
One Roof Coworking
patrick m mckeller
Peter M Puglese
Pocket Sun
Priscilla Gonzalez
Rachael McCrary
Rachel M Douglas
Rachelle Undershute
Rafaela Frota
Randi L Borden
Raul Duenez
Ray Strods
Rob Bonavoglia
Rob Pene
Robert Christian
roberto soto
Roma Lehr
Russell Leung
Ryan Prust
Sabrina resch
Samuel Diaz
Sarah May Quiocho
Sarah Schewitz
Shahrzad Be
Sharla cipicchio
shaun arora
Shawn D. Morey
Sherene St. Cyr
Shianne Mariah p kotkas
Sin Young Park
Smd van oers
Sridhar Konathala
Stefani Viste
Stephanie Martinezguajardo
Sydney Kirsch
Taeok Yeom
Taylor D Stepan
Taylor M McKinney
Thomas Quach
Tina Bockius
Tinashe Nyatanga
Todd Huller
Tonia Sinnathamby
Tracy Neely
troy gay
tulasi konathala
Tyler k Engelhardt
Tyrone Neely
Victor M Boto
Vincent J Baiera
Violet White
Yamina Alfaro
Yena Kim


Our Bebox inventory is landing in Los Angeles on October 14th

Our last update to you was in July about “Getting things done right than fast” Well, we were not quick to solve our quality control issues but we got it done right. Production completed in June and we got a QC to go in and ensure the products were up to expectation. We ran into a few […]

How close did your original idea look to your current designed product?

Nothing alike. The first design of the Bebox was a bento-like lunchbox, that first looked like this on paper:   This was back in October 2013 when I first decided to design and MAYBEEEE create a product. I was inspired to create a really cool lunchbox that would carry everything I would need for the […]

QC + Inventory Update with Bebox

“It’s better to get things right than to get them fast.” -Random quote found on internet but relates to where this blog update is going… We were expecting our inventory around this time, but as usual life decided to hand us a few more sour lemons. There were some issues in production we need to […]

Quality Control went into our factory and the results were…

Not a fail…. but not a pass (yet). What happened?  Main concerns were some scuffs on the product BPA free chemical testing in currently in progress and pending What’s next? We talked to the factory to make sure all products are clean and in order before sending off to customers Await for the chemical testing […]

Bebox Inventory CONFIRMED!

Money has been sent to China, meaning…  INVENTORY IS CONFIRMED!!!  Our last update was on making sure that all the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted! The money for our first batch of inventory has been sent to China last week and they estimated a 1 month production time. We were able to get […]

Inventory Update

Time flies! At the beginning of 2017 we were able to confirm all changes/ issues for the mold. Since then, we’ve been negotiating and locking down the logistics for inventory and shipment. We know it’s been a while, but due to the several team members involved and the time difference… each question/ email has taken […]

China Trip for Bebox Samples!

Sept 18th 2016- Shanghai, China Patience, patience, and more patience….  for me and for you :p Today is October 5th 2016, 4 days since I\’ve been back in Los Angeles from my Asia trip and still adjusting to jetlag. Going to China to see the product I visioned and could only explain to people with […]

If only… money grew on trees.

Wouldn’t it be nice if money grew on trees? Well entrepreneurs go through hell and back to plant their own tree that grows money. As promised, I have found the seed to grow my tree. Bebox has found the funds. It is currently being processed and once I have the funds in the account I […]

Bebox is now getting molded!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! For those who have not been following our updates after the campaign, quick recap: December 2015- Bebox Campaign Ended January 2016- Investor fell through, Jenna goes searches for investment and makes a promise April 2016- Jenna found the remaining funds to get into operations July 2016- Molding contract SIGNED and ready to go! Although […]

Bebox Be Done? No.

It’s been just about a month since the campaign and holidays ended, and things went according to plan until 2 weeks ago. I am unable to explain the full story to you due to confidentiality… so long story short; the other half of the funds with my investor did not fall through. It was a SUPER […]