My Go-To Recipe: Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Steamed Broccoli

Every meal prepper needs a basic go-to recipe. Here is my favorite basic recipe that I make every single week! It is a staple recipe that I recommend everybody use. It might not be the most exciting meal you eat each week, but it’s easy, healthy, reliable, and tasty!

Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Steamed Broccoli

Bebox basic mealprep
Chicken, sweet potato, broccoli are the basic key ingredients to a basic mealprep

This recipe is good for 5 meals throughout the course of your week. You have a complex carbohydrate (sweet potato), a vegetable (broccoli), and a protein (chicken). The portions for each meal are 50% vegetable, 20% complex carbohydrate, and 40% protein.

Ingredient List

  • 5 heads of broccoli cut loosely
  • 7 chicken breasts cut into strips
  • 2.5 sweet potatoes cut into 1 inch cubes
  • Your favorite seasoning (For the chicken)
  • ½ cup of water
  • Cooking oil


Sweet Potatoes

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
  • Toss the sweet potato cubes with enough cooking oil to lightly cover them
  • Let the sweet potatoes bake for appx. 30 minutes. They are done when they are soft all the way through


  • Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan
  • Let the oil get hot and place your chicken in the pan
  • Put a few generous dashes of your favorite seasoning on the chicken
  • Let cook for about 10 minutes and stir occasionally
  • Chicken is done when the inside turns white


  • Put ¼ cup of water in a large pot on the stove
  • Let the water come to a boil then add the broccoli
  • Cover and let the broccoli cook for 2-4 minutes

Let your meals cool then portion them out in your meal prep containers. And there you have it! 5 healthy meals for the week!